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Jul 26, 2021

Since we were kids, we’ve been told that honesty is the best policy.  Kids certainly have no problem telling us exactly what is on their minds.

And yet, somewhere along the way, the notion of the little white lie gets normalized. 

Through his research and 30 year track record as Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Navalent, Ron Carucci’s work has shown that, just like when we were kids, honesty is a foundational element to leadership organizational success.

On this episode of the Workplace Communication Podcast, Ron shares research and insights from his brand-new book, To Be Honest: Lead with the Power of Truth, Justice and Purpose to help you identify the significant cost of dishonesty in the workplace and what you can do to repair and rebuild the cracks.

Leadership tips you won’t want to miss:

🎙️ The 16x cumulative positive impact of honesty

🎙️ 4 predictable conditions that shape honest behaviour in the workplace

🎙️ The danger of not living your organization’s mission and values

🎙️ How performance art gets in the way of real conversations

🎙️ Tips for mending longstanding departmental feuds

Ron is co-founder and managing partner at Navalent.  He has a thirty-year track record helping executives tackle challenges of strategy, organization and leadership.  From start-ups to Fortune 10’s, non-profits to heads-of-state, turn-arounds to new markets and strategies, overhauling leadership and culture to re-designing for growth. He has helped organizations articulate strategies that lead to accelerated growth, and design organizations that can execute those strategies.

He has worked in more than 25 countries on 4 continents.  He is the author of 9 books, including the recent Amazon #1 Rising to Power and the forthcoming To Be Honest, Lead with the Power of Truth, Justice & Purpose. He is a popular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, where Navalent’s work on leadership was named one of 2016’s management ideas that mattered most. He is also a regular contributor to Forbes, and a two-time TEDx speaker. His work’s been featured in Fortune, CEO Magazine, Inc., BusinessInsider, MSNBC, Business Week, Inc., Fast Company, Smart Business, and thought leaders.

If you’re wanting to bring a new level of honesty to your organization, then this episode is for you!

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