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Oct 4, 2021

“Are you willing to be wrong to further what is right?”.

This is just one of the powerful questions shared by Dr. Troy’s mom, Fanny, who was diagnosed with breast cancer when he was just 12 years old.  

In this episode of The Workplace Communication Podcast, Dr. Troy gives us a sneak peak into the teachable moments he experienced as a child, that have now been transformed into guiding leadership principles in new book FANNY RULES: A Mother’s Leadership Lessons that Never Grow Old.

Leadership tips you won’t want to miss:

🎙️ Recognizing when your feedback is causing more harm than good

🎙️ Noticing if you’re tearing someone down to build yourself up

🎙️ Why knowledge itself isn’t power, but simply a collection of data and information – and what you need to do to make it powerful

🎙️ Leaning into healthy debate rather than healthy conflict

Featured on the Today Show, ABC, Beyond the Business Radio Show, and CEO World, Dr. Troy Hall is an award-winning culture strategist, speaker, bestselling author, and talent retention expert.  His doctorate in Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship has sent him across the globe to help leaders create cultures of cohesion and retain top talent in their organizations. 

Dr. Troy is the author of the Bestselling title, Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent, and the Best New Release FANNY RULES: A Mother’s Leadership Lessons That Never Grow Old. He was once told he did not have the talent to write. His mom aka Fanny reminded him, “It’s not the successes or failures that shape your life, it’s how you handle them.”

If you’re someone who is drawn in by stories and want to learn from longstanding leadership wisdom that still holds true today, then this episode is for you!

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