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Jul 12, 2021

With over 20 years of leadership experience, as Founder of Vision Finder International, Christy Rutherford, assists executive women with getting promoted through office politics and self-care.  

Since June 2020, she's assisted her clients with earning $4.2 million in promotions, raises, and bonuses.  In the midst of a global pandemic.


On this episode of The Workplace Communication Podcast, Christy explores common factors that hold women back from asking raises and shares tips on how to do so with more success that you can imagine.

Leadership tips you won’t want to miss:

🎙️ How the very thing you’re doing might be making you unpromotable

🎙️ Common mistakes women make in asking for a raise

🎙️ Getting the raise you want without having to leave your organization

🎙️ Actionable tips to help you achieve balance and keep your job

If you’re wanting to ask for a raise but don’t seem to be able to bring yourself to do it, then this episode is for you!

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