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Nov 16, 2020

Are you looking to better bridge the communication gap between technical teams and leadership decisions?

On this episode of the Workplace Communication Podcast, we’re talking to Rachel Stuve to learn more about the importance of storytelling for data professionals. 

Rachel shares how storytelling can help leadership teams better understand data to make better and more informed decisions.

Leadership tips you won’t want to miss:

  • Democratizing technology for increased accessibility
  • Controlling for bias in machine learning
  • The importance of data transparency
  • Using data visualizations to tell stories
  • Balancing data quality and completeness with decision-making

Rachel is a technical and strategic leader with 15+ years of experience and passion for analytics and data-driven decision making, innovation, and proactive guidance for small to mid-sized to Fortune 100 companies.

She specializes in strategic alignment, analytics software sales (Sales Support and Sales Operations for Pre-Sales and Post-Sales), Customer Journey, and building data CoEs.

Rachel is very active in the Atlanta analytics and startup communities.

If you’re looking to bridge the gap between data professionals and leadership teams, then this episode is for you!

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